Cases in School

The following numbers represent the cases of reported positive tests which have led to pupils being required to self-isolate due to close / proximity contacts. This covers the latest 2 week period and does not necessarily include all pupils with positive tests (i.e. the figures only include cases where other pupils in school are affected). 

  Number of cases requiring wider self-isolation  
 Year 7   0
Year 8  0
    Year 9     2
 Year 10  0
 Year 11 2

Updated 24.11.2020 


Please report any positive COVID19 test resutls to school via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone 01254 823362. 

Families of those pupils who need to be collected following an internal "Track and Trace" process are contacted by text and a follow up phone call. If you have not been contacted your child will not have been identified as a close / proximity contact. 

A copy of the advice that will be sent with children who have to self isolate can be found here, along with more information below about how schools are managing outbreaks. To access Teams on mobile or tablet devices please download the app (Apple or Android). 

COVID Information Leaflet              Warn and Inform


School Re-opening

Arrangements for September Reopening                September Update for Families     October Newsletter

School Buses for Autumn Term 2020/21

Information from Lancashire County Council (Transport)

Video on arrangements for break, lunch and buses                    Video on school zones and access to buildings          Tour of the School



Dropping Off / Picking Up by Car

If you are dropping your child off by car, please encourage them to move immediately to the bottom yard as soon as they have been dropped off.

When collecting by car, please arrange a pick up point in advance to reduce the opportunity for children to be wandering around. Sharing of lifts should not be arranged as it is likely to breach social distancing rules. 


Guidance on transport to school.

Expectations on social distancing and behaviour

Staying safe outside the home