Content for current Year 9 pupils who will be starting new GCSE Courses in September 2020 will be added here.


Health and Social Care

Component 1 BackgroundComponent 2 BackgroundComponent 3 Background | Pre GCSE Booklet



GCSE Art and Graphic Communication

A Sense of Place Summer 2020



Welcome to iMeda | iMedia Knowledge Organiser | iMedia Knowledge Organiser Blank


Sports Studies

Sports Studies Virtual Classroom



GCSE PE Virtual Classroom


GCSE Drama


GCSE Business Studies

Business Studies 


GCSE Music

Welcome to GCSE Music | GCSE Course Booklet


GCSE Food Preparation and Nurtition

BBC Bitesize | Eduqas Resources | Online TextbookRecipie Book | Recipie Book (2) 



GCSE Design & Technology

Summer Project 2020 | The Work of Others 


Systems and Control in Engineering

Course Overview | Electronics Introduction | How to Solder | Support Booklet | Systems Block Cards | Useful Links